Pick 'n' Go

Pick Up Option

With this convenient option, you're in control of your schedule. No more waiting around for deliveries or worrying about missed packages. Whether you're in a rush, want to inspect your items in person or simply prefer the satisfaction of picking up your purchase, self-pickup puts you in control.

Convenience: You can choose a pickup time that suits your schedule and are not bound by delivery windows.

Cost Savings: It is more budget-friendly as you can avoid delivery fees.

Immediate Access: Get your items right away without waiting for a delivery window.

Control Over Delivery: Have more control over how your orders are handled and transported

For Self-Pickup Arrangement:

  • Confirmation
    Ensure you have received confirmation that your item is ready for pickup and have your order confirmation document when collecting.

  • Timing
    Orders before 2pm can be picked up before by 6pm on the same day. Orders after 2pm will be ready the next business day.

    Our collection hours are from Monday to Friday, 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm, excluding public holidays.

  • Assistance
    If the item is heavy or bulky, consider bringing someone to help you with the lifting and loading.

  • Inspect the Item
    Before leaving, double-check that you have received all the items and inspect all items to ensure they are in the expected condition. If anything is missing or there are discrepancies, address them with the staff immediately.

  • Follow Safety Guidelines
    Depending on the current situation, there may be COVID-19 or any other health-related safety measures in place. Be prepared to wear a mask, maintain physical distance and follow any specific guidelines provided by the pickup location