WarrantyBoost | 6-Month

We appreciate your product purchase. Discover why having an extended warranty is a smart choice.

  • Extended Coverage - Additional protection ensuring your product is safeguarded for a longer period.
  • Convenience -  It simplifies the repair or replacement process, often with expedited service, minimizing downtime.
  • Customer Support - Come with dedicated customer support, ensuring a smoother experience if issues arise.

Join our mailing list and enjoy an exclusive extended local warranty covering all hardware components at no additional cost!  When you make a purchase from our various online sales channels, you'll receive a 6-month extended warranty that starts from the purchase date upon submitting your warranty form.

Make sure to reach out to us within the initial 14 days following your purchase date; otherwise, the standard 3-month warranty period through our various online sales channels will be in effect.



For Each Precious Possession, Let Us Have Its Own Warranty Form.